Hermes Savana Dance Surfboard

With a reduced size and vintage shapes, the Savana Dance surfboard was inspired by the mini simmons surfboards popular during the 1950s. This individually manufactured surfboard embodies free-spirited adventure and was designed with surfers of all ages in mind. Its hull provides stability while its two curves enable faster turning. Created by the South African artist collective Ardmore, the Savana Dance design is reimagined through sublimation printing - a technique that naturally creates the perfect patina over time. Board comes complete with an aroma-infused anti-slip wax, developed by Hermès' Artistic Director of Perfumes - Christine Nagel. The scent was inspired by the liveliness of the ocean spray with a note of juniper berry and pear granita.

- Made in France
- Anti-slip wax included
- Material: Vosges maple, pigmented resin and wooden fins

Measures 79.1" long x 27.6" wide x 10.2" high