“I like to have my money where I can see it -
hanging in my closet”

Selling With Us

If you’ve read our story, you’ll know that by now we strongly believe in the idea that buying handbags can be an investment. Why? Because of the power of the resell. Handbags are one of the only items in fashion that hold their value, and can even increase in value - making you bank. And with us, it’s easy…

Step 1 |

Get in touch! Fill out  the form and someone from our team will contact you within 24 hours. We will go over estimated sale price, see if it’s a good fit for our brand, and of course, welcome you to this idea of what it’s like to invest - and make money - from your handbags.

Step 2 |

Ship us the Bag. As soon as you’re happy with seeing how much you could make from your handbag, ship us the bag, and the heavy lifting on our end begins. We photograph it, list it, and distribute it within our network, finding your baby a perfect new home.

Step 3 |

Make that money, honey. As soon as it sells, we simply keep 10% of the sale price, and send you a check with your earnings. Cha-Ching!

How much do I earn? 

A lot.For all of the love we put into selling your bag (photography, marketing and distribution) we simply keep 10% of the sale price - giving you a 90% earnings on your items. Still not convinced? We have the best rate in the industry:

Tradesy: 15%

TheRealReal: 40%

eBay: 10%

FashionPhile: 30%

Are there any other hidden fees?

Of course there are, but they are called hidden for a reason. Just kidding. If you know us at all, you’ll know that we value transparency above all, and it is no different here. The only additional cost you will have is for the 2.9% processing fee when the sale goes through. We’ve got you covered for the rest.

Is this a good fit for me?

At this time, we only accept bags from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermes. The bags must be in great condition(brand-new or pristine), and of course, they have to be authentic, with proof of purchase and authenticity. If you are still unsure if your handbag qualifies feel free to  contact us. Even if The-Collectory is not your best option, we can help you by taking professional pictures, getting your bag officially authenticated, and by sharing insider tips to make sure you get the most return out of your handbag.

Ready To Start Selling?