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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Any Fashionista

December 20, 2016 0 Comments

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Any Fashionista


For: The Streetstyle Queen

Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Monogram

We all have that woman in our lives - that one that no matter where you go or what you do - she turns heads on the street. She’s stylish, beats to her own drum, and has a killer eye for only the most unique items she wants to add to her closet. The Petite Malle has become every streetstyle star’s icon - and is the perfect gift for that woman that has that certain je ne sais quoi (and guess what - we know what the quoi is, and it’s this bag). Buy Now


For: The Collector

Chanel Snowglobe

Chanel is known for a lot, but perhaps it’s best kept secret (although not so secret anymore) are their enchanting collectable snow globes. They are one of the most unique collector’s pieces one could own, making it the perfect gift for the Chanel lover that has just about everything Chanel. With only a handful made - this special and thoughtful gift will be one that will never be forgotten. Buy Now


For: The Instagrammer 

Louis Vuitton Twist

This woman’s Instagram account is top, because it’s filled with the most beautiful restaurants she visits, museums she has VIP access to, design hotels that only she seems to stumble into, and coffee-shots galore. The Louis Vuitton Twist is the perfect holiday gift for her - as it has become one of the most photographed bags of the year - truly adding style to any quick snap waiting to be uploaded to Instagram. Need proof? Instagram 1, Instagram 2, Instagram 3. Buy Now


For: The Girl Who Has It All

Hermés Birkin

The Hermés Birkin is that one bag that even woman that have everything have to wait for. It’s a truly special piece that surpasses being a “handbag”, and in turn, has become a symbol of status, luxury, and prestige. It’s the perfect gift to give the woman who has everything, as it’s the handbag that when gifted, will truly make her have everything. Buy Now


For: The Chanel Lover

Chanel Filigree Flap Bag SS16

The problem with Chanel lovers is that it’s safe to assume that they have all the classics and timeless pieces: the iconic Boy Bag, a classic flap bag, etc. So, the best gift to give a Chanel lover (and let’s not kid ourselves, it still has to be Chanel) is to give the gift of a seasonal, special and unique handbag - that only she will have. The Chanel Filigree flap bag from the SS16 collection does just that - it’s a nod to what makes a Chanel piece so timeless, yet it’s edge and design is nothing but a breath of fresh air. It’s one not to be missed. Buy Now

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