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Case - by - Case Basis

Fill out the corresponding forms on our website under the  sell tab , and we will reach out via email with quotes for your pieces. You can either consign them and keep 90%* of the profit once it sells, or you can accept a buyout rate and get instant cash.

Product Styling


A photo says a thousand words, and if you want to sell your handbag,we truly believe that the listing photos are what push the sale. If you want to sell your handbag on your own, we can still do the heavy lifting for you. We can professionally photograph your pieces against a white backdrop - photos which you can then use for your listing(s) on whatever platform you want to sell your pieces on (Tradesy, eBay, etc.).

*Bonus: We will also include a description of your item(s) - that you can use on your listings.



Did you lose your original receipt and need to prove to a potential buyer that it's an authentic piece? For $30, we authenticate your handbag, and send you a verified authenticity certificate from Entrupy - the leading technology that authenticates handbags.